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Friday, January 11, 2008

The First Black President?

And with these words, “So help me God,” Barack Obama made history today at the swearing in ceremony of the first African America President in the United States. With his wife, Michelle, at his side, President Obama, began the traditional and historic walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, waving to tens of thousands of supporters who are lined up, in some places15 people deep, behind the barriers set up by the Secret Service. On one hand this walk is only a few miles away from a former slave trading post in Alexandria, Virginia; but on the other hand, it is light years away. During the first half of the Nineteenth Century when Price, Birch & Co, was bustling with business, trading in slaves for the wealthy, white land owners in the District of Columbia, no one would have ever imagined that this country would witness the day when an African descendant would take the Oath of Office for the Presidency of the United States. This is quite astonishing.

President Obama campaigned on a theme of change, and for those who do not quite understand the historical significance of what we are seeing today, this theme seems to ring like an utterance of modern day prophecy; almost as significant as the calendar turning to AD…

Okay, okay. This is only a fictional account of what we might witness during the inauguration ceremony in January 2009. If someone had asked me two months ago if a black man could make a serious run for the White House, I would have pointed to General Colin Powell as the only one who I thought the public could embrace as President. Consequently, my obviously flawed prognostication didn’t give Obama much of a chance to beat the formidable Hillary Clinton. However, notwithstanding her narrow margin of victory in New Hampshire the other day, it has become painfully apparent to her campaign and obvious to many in America that Senator Obama just may be the next President of the United States. In fact, the poll data predicted such an overwhelming Obama victory in New Hampshire, that Hillary’s staff had not even prepared a victory speech by the time that her surprise triumph was announced.

Now given the historic prospect of the first black President, you would think that the average black person would have a sense of glee that they can scarcely contain. However, I’m subdued in my emotional response to Obama’s success, because I understand that the social planners of this country have too much at stake to allow him to manage the country unfettered. It is not because he’s black that they will put gentle pressure on him to follow a course that has been charted long ago. The men who sit in the pantheon of the gods have a goal that does not include the policy ambitions of the first African American President. What’s at stake is the destiny of the human race, and a candidate running on change presents a potential problem.

If you recall, Bill Clinton ran on the identical theme of change in 1991 and 1992, but yet a close examination of his two terms demonstrates that he advanced someone else’s agenda during those eight years. A quick look at his First Inauguration Address in 1993 shows something curious: The very first sentence should make you wonder what he was talking about – Today we celebrate the mystery of American renewal. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. Now I ask you my friends, what was this mystery that Clinton referred too? By my crude understanding, a mystery is something that can not be understood without the aid of a teacher; usually in a spiritual sense. Did anyone explain to you what this mystery was? Do you suppose he was talking to someone other than the American public when he uttered those words?

I have numerous grievances with the administration of Bill Clinton that are beyond the scope of this post,[1] but suffice it to say that as a Rhodes Scholar, he had an obligation to use his position, prestige and power to further the last will and testament of Cecil Rhodes, the European colonist who plundered Southern Africa during his life. It was his dying wish to see the Western world dominate humanity. In fact, unknowingly, most of us further his dreams and ambitions each time we purchase a diamond that was distributed by DeBeers. The DeBeers diamond cartel is the product of the colonial work of Rhodes, and it is believed by some to be the most successful cartel in human history. If you think about it, we complain about a gallon of gas costing $3, but will spend $5,000 or more for a diamond without hesitating.

Obama makes the claim that he is not beholden to any special interest group, because he does not take PAC money, but I cannot overemphasize that there is simply too much at stake for his presidency not to be molested by the ‘gods.’ Western corporations have invested trillions of dollars into the global infrastructure and they cannot afford to allow a maverick to manage it, or should I say mismanage it. They need to be in control, and if Obama becomes president, I can see that shortly after taking office, he will have a sit-down with the big money interests – the rulers of the banking industry, stock market, international lending institutions, etc. – and they will remind him if he forgot Economics 101 that they fuel the economy and increase the money supply by expanding credit, which he can take credit for. And they will also let him know that they can ruin an economy by contracting the credit, and he will shoulder the blame, like they did to Jimmy Carter.

Unfortunately, unless Obama’s integrity rivals Mother Teresa’s, he will march to the drumbeat of the special interest just like the last six Presidents before him back to LBJ, excluding President Carter. I’m sorry to have to say it, but it’s the world we live in.

Am I being cynical? Perhaps, but why else would George Bush continue a failed military strategy in a war that was steeped in deception from the beginning? It could be because he pays homage at the alter of the ‘gods.’

May God Bless America, save the king and protect Barack Obama!

[1] I will address the candidacy and administration of Bill Clinton in a separate post and demonstrate how he betrayed the trust of his three biggest constituents.

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