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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sean Taylor

I was saddened to hear of the shooting and subsequent death of Sean Taylor. This senseless killing has shocked people around the nation, and has many struggling to understand how someone can be so ruthless to an aspiring young life. We may never know the motivation of Sean’s attacker, but one thing is for sure, Sean is not the first young, black male casualty of inner city violence this year, but he may be the most prominent. Thousands of young, black men just like Sean have been gunned down in the streets of cities around the nation; and what’s being done about it? Certainly not enough is being done.

We can split the atom, build bridges that span for miles and travel to the outer fringes of the universe, but no one has been able to develop an antidote to tame the hostile heart.

The killing of our youth is a social plague that will take more than good police work or rehabilitation in the criminal justice system to remedy. In fact, I suggest that good police work and prison rehabilitation are oxymoronic as they relate to reducing violent crime. Men (and women) who are inclined to violent acts will fair better in a system that demonstrates care, concern and compassion more than they will in the criminal justice system. We need more social leaders in the community to roll up their sleeves and meet the challenge head on. There are many organizations that are working tirelessly to rid the inner city of violent crime; however, the crime statistics demonstrate that much more work is needed.

I am wondering out loud: Where are the prominent social leaders, who are quick to grab a headline in a race related issue, but no where to be found on issues that take sustained efforts?

Anyway, my prayers have been with Sean’s family, friends and fans during this time of bereavement. He was a great football player and he will truly be missed.

Sean Taylor, RIP
April 1, 1983November 27, 2007

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mlindsey13 said...


I concur with your sentiments concerning Sean Taylor. It is a tragic tale that has been told time and time again. I am not certain of the exact cicrumstances surrounding his death, and we may indeed never know, but what I am certain of is that Sean's murder was senseless. He leaves to cherish his family and that lovely young daughter of his, who sadly will never know her father. What a shame. There should be an outcry, but truthfully, will anyone listen?